Project Funding

LifeNets Australia will generally support:

  • Projects to provide clean water by drilling boreholes and installing pumps for communities without other means of obtaining regular supplies.
  • Projects to provide livestock, primarily cattle and goats, from which a viable herd can be built to provide food and income for underprivileged families and communities.
  • Animal husbandry education to support herd projects.
  • Provision of basic equipment for agricultural purposes and support of agricultural activities by giving financial assistance to buy seed and other needs.
  • Education to support agricultural projects.
  • Scholarships for disadvantaged students to undertake tertiary studies that will equip them to obtain employment after graduation and effectively serve their communities.
  • Projects to which a donor has specifically requested his or her donation be directed.
  • Other projects that will “help others to help themselves” and meet the criteria given under Project Selection, below.


Project Selection and Monitoring

LifeNets Australia works with LifeNets International to identify projects it wishes to participate in. Regular reports and photographs are provided by LifeNets International, thereby enabling LifeNets Australia to monitor the progress being made on each one.

From time-to-time, LifeNets Australia may become aware of a particular project and initiate contact with LifeNets International to offer its support, or suggest that it becomes a LifeNets project.

LifeNets Australia may also consider projects the Association could undertake on its own account, but always works in cooperation with LifeNets International in this regard. Projects will usually be in less-developed countries where people have special needs. However requests to support projects in any country will be considered on their merits, especially where they offer practical assistance that will promote the well-being and self-sufficiency of disadvantaged people.


Approvals Process

The Management Committee of LifeNets Australia, having identified projects which meet the policy guidelines, recommends to its financial members that financial support be provided. A three-quarters (75%) majority of all the financial members is required before a recommended project can be supported.

This policy was adopted by the financial members of LifeNets Australia Incorporated as at 16th September, 2016.