Ngilile, Zambia Unsafe Water Hole

The following article appeared on the website, June 3rd, 2019 

Filius just sent this from Ngilile Village in Eastern Zambia.  This is not an uncommon water challenge.   Water from this shrinking pond is the sole water supply for the settlement…including drinking water.  Filius writes:


You may doubt this, but over eighty rural households of Ngilile village and surrounding settlements compete with livestock for water for domestic use, including drinking, from this isolated and unsafe water point. Unfortunately, this contest will soon be unnecessary because the water point will soon run dry, rendering both animals and humans waterless until the next rain season. This situation is representatives of all the targeted recipients of boreholes from LifeNets, Australia. I am currently at Ngilile village liaising with the community over the charitable gesture. I hope the photo uploads from this rural setup.


LifeNets president Beverly Kubik writes to our USA board as follows:

This borehole in Ngilile, when it is drilled, is even more important then we could have imagined. Thanks to LifeNets Australia and a blessing from God of finding water, a borehole for the community will soon be a reality. I don’t think we comprehend how desperate some people are just to be able to get some water, any water. Obviously the water hole is not safe drinking water.

Borehole location, Zambia