Posted September 18, 2023

We are always excited to see another borehole that provides water for a community. This is a report from Jonathan Litaba through Derrick Pringle to us. 

From: Jonathan Litaba  
Sent: 08 September 2023 14:39
To: Derrick Pringle  

Mapoko, Zambia Borehole

The journey started on Wednesday morning. After trying to fix the vehicle at 0600, to 730 hrs that’s when we left Mumbwa Town for Mapoko. At 0900 it developed the same problem at 0920 we reached Mopoko bridge, stayed there until 1015 we crossed the bridge with the same problem and parked them as in the first picture.

After 1800 we started to go back to Mumbwa. When we reached the tar marc, the vehicle was okey drove to Mumbwa about three quarters of the journey, the manager told the driver to go back to Mapoko.

By2130 we reached Mr Alfred Monde’s farm. Around 2200 hrs they started drilling until water was found. The 50 metres was done by 2400 the pump was being fixed.

When everything was done, they told me that the company doesn’t provide cement at all. After 0100 we left for Mumbwa town and arrived at 0300 hrs. After a short sleep by 0600 I started preparing for Lusaka trip, I was accompanied by Evaristo to Mumbwa but not to Mapoko, I was with seven workers.

The old man Mr Monde Alfred was very happy to have been given the borehole at his place. The community nearby were there when it was being drilled.

I thank Mr and Mrs Kubik for the borehole and it will go a long way. Thanks so much to you Mr Pringle for the service you have done May the Lord Almighty God bless all of you.

Jonathan Litaba.