LifeNets Benin Scholarship Outcome: Jean-Paul Ogounlie Jean-Paul Ogounie finished his master’s degree in 2020 and then obtained his teaching credential in 2021 (Élève Professeur Certifié (EPC)) in Physics

Australia Sam’s Support Dog

Lifenets conducted a specific fundraiser to provide theacquisition, training and support of a seizure support dog forSammy Edge. This was a year long project and

Sri Lanka and India Laptops

Lifenets has recently provided $AUD10,000 for computersto assist brethren in India and Sri Lanka to translate UCG booklets and zoom into Sabbath services. Previously translation

Borehole location, Zambia

Ngilile, Zambia Unsafe Water Hole

Ngilile, Zambia Unsafe Water Hole The following article appeared on the website, June 3rd, 2019 ( Filius just sent this from Ngilile Village in Eastern


Card Project

Card Project Australian Greeting Card Program A few years ago, some young people in a youth group came up with the idea of producing greeting