Jean-Paul Ogounlie and his wife Nicole and their daughter Lyanou
LifeNets Benin Scholarship Outcome: Jean-Paul Ogounlie

Jean-Paul Ogounie finished his master’s degree in 2020 and then obtained his teaching credential in 2021 (Élève Professeur Certifié (EPC)) in Physics and Chemistry.  He teaches at the middle school level (“College”) in French – school children ages 11-14 — in Cotonou, Benin. He currently teaches at « Le CEG DANTOKPA » and « le CEG YAGBE”.

He is very appreciative of the support he received from LifeNets to obtain his master’s degree.

He is a leader in the United Church of God in Benin, giving sermonettes and split sermons and he attended the most recent leadership conference in Accra (August 2023)

Tim Pebworth